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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Six Four Triumph Shred Sled. Build it, Ride it, and Go Skate!

I've been working on this bike for a couple years now.  After saving money to be broke and trying to scrape up free time to build her I have finally gotten her together enough to start riding around and sessioning the highways on the way to skate spots.  It's always fun to jump in a car or van and go but it's a whole nother trip to hop on a DIY built bike and play in traffic at high(er) speeds while embarking on skate missions.  I'm stoked that the Six Four has taken to her new adventurous lifestyle very well and we both are having a killer summer so far!  As I iron out the kinks we are traveling further and further from the toolbox in the garage and having a good ol time together rolling from skate spot to spot. Tons of summer left to explore and skate.  More good times lie ahead. Now I just need some more homies to ride to skate spots with. Now go build yer bike and let's go!

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